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What is profile verification?

All FET members can verify their profile for free via the profile verification check. With this check, you'll show other kinksters that you're authentic and are more likely to get better results on the platform. Kinksters love real kinksters!

To verify, all you need to do is write your FET username and the current date, legibly, on a piece of paper. Then to take a selfie holding the piece of paper in front of you, making sure that your face and the words are visible.

Save the photo to your device and upload it.

Go to 'edit profile' via the horny devil at the bottom right of your screen and tap 'Profile Verification'.

Our Support Team will then check your photo and verify your profile as real - you'll then get a verification tick on your profile.

* A note on privacy: Your verification photo is for internal purposes only. It won't be accessible for third parties or disclosed under any circumstances.

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