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My profile is blocked/hidden, why?

Our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct outline what can and can't be done on FET, and if there is any breach of these rules, profiles can end up blocked for a fixed time or until the violation is corrected.


Here is a list of the most common blocking reasons, their duration, and what you can do:

## Scammers

Scammers do not have a chance in our community. We, together with our system, work hard to detect this type of accounts, which results in a permanent block. Please do let us know if you come across a scammer or if you've been mistakenly detected as a scammer, we will look into the case closely. 


## Multiple profiles

Having more than one profile violates our Terms of Use. As a result, all profiles will remain blocked until you contact Support specifying which profile should stay and which should be deleted.


## Fake profiles and images

All fake profiles will remain blocked until verified by Support.


## Soliciting paid services

Offering paid services on FET can result in a blocked profile. Please get in touch with Support for further info.

## Financial domination

Expressing an interest in findom, pay pigs, or a sugar baby/sugar daddy or sugar mommy relationship will result in a permanently blocked profile.


## Spamming and advertising

If there's any suspicion that FET is being used to send mass messages or for any form of advertising, these profiles will remain blocked permanently. This also includes posting your social media handle, OnlyFans, etc.


## Insults and offense

If you've insulted others or violated the Code of Conduct, you will be blocked for at least three days (depending on the severity). After this time, your profile will be unblocked automatically. 

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