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What do I do if I suspect a fake profile?

We support kinksters who suspect another account of being fake or a scammer. If you have reasons to doubt a member's authenticity, regardless if you have any concrete proof or not, please report it to us.


Reporting an account is anonymous, and the reported profile won't know who reported them - but for obvious reasons, do not post any suspicions publicly. Open the profile in question; tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen and select *Report User.* When you report a profile, you will remain anonymous to the other user.


When Support receives the report, they'll look into it and take the necessary action. Remember that any message history between you and the other person may be made accessible for verification by Support. This information will never be disclosed and is strictly confidential. Please note that due to privacy reasons, Support can't share any information about the status of the report nor any actions taken.

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