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How to spot a fake / catfish / scammer?

We take the issue of scammers and fakes very seriously as it impacts everyone's experience here. These days fakes and scammers act in many weird and surprisingly different ways. But, by keeping a few simple steps in mind, it's easy to avoid being caught out. 


## Be suspicious if someone asks you to move to another form of chat

If you receive a message from someone early on in a conversation inviting you to move over to a 'Google Hangout' or 'Continue talking via Whatsapp or Kik,' it's usually a red flag as it's a subtle way of getting your email address or number. 


## Try to keep your conversations on FET

When you've built enough trust with the other person, you decide when you're ready to give out your information. If the other person is genuine, they would understand. If they're being pushy, aggressive, or trying to rush you by saying there's an emergency, don't fall for it.


## Be suspicious if someone asks for personal details

Would you give your details to a stranger you met five minutes ago on the street? Online life is no different. Report it immediately if someone asks you for your personal information (bank, social security, etc.). 


## Report if someone offers or requests money

We don't allow anyone on FET to offer or request money. If offered or asked for money, please report the user. As above, if you're suspicious in any way, report the person to Support immediately.

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