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How safe is FET?

As a lifestyle brand, we want our kinky community to live authentic lives without fear or judgment. By providing a safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) home for self-expression, sharing, and connecting, we believe that our product makes a difference in the lives of its members. But, with great kink comes great responsibility.

## Safety First Always 

Since 2018, we've been working hard on fulfilling all the legal and technical requirements of one of the strictest privacy regulations in the world - the European GDPR. Data privacy is a must nowadays, especially in a community like ours. We're here to demystify fetishes and alternative lifestyles; however, everyone can decide if, how, and when they want to go public/open up! It's the same as everything else here; this is a safe place to remain anonymous and discreetly live out your kinks as long as you respect the three basic principles: keep it Safe, Sane, and Consensual!   

## Support 

Apart from the safety features in-app, e.g., blocking and reporting, we have a dedicated Support Team, so if you need help or have an issue, they will take care of it. For added confidence and a #kinktastic community experience, everyone can verify their profile for free to show others that you're authentic. Additionally, we have a team of dedicated volunteer FETMods (moderators) to help answer questions and moderate the Live Chat and BDSM Forum.  

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