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Who are FETMods and what do they do?

FETMods are active members of the FET community, experienced in the world of kink, who can communicate with all kinds of people. They play a crucial role in helping fellow kinksters to get the most out of the community. FETMods also create a positive, safe, sane and consensual atmosphere in the chat and forum, in-line with our Community Guidelines, so everyone plays nicely. As well as helping to run the BDSM forum and Live Chat, FETMods give guidance to newbies and act as our eyes and ears to make sure that everyone sticks to the rules. FETMod responsibilities are grouped into the following areas:


The BDSM forum is where members post topics and questions for comment and discussion on all kinds of kink. The FETMod role is to approve these topics and engage with users. However, this isn’t just limited to the forum. FETMods respond to questions via private message, comments on newsfeed posts and gather feedback (positive or negative) from the community.

Our BDSM chat is a very busy place! FETMods play an essential role in the Live Chat by welcoming users and ensuring that everyone sticks by the chat rules. The chat is a great way to meet new kinksters, and usually, everyone plays nicely. However, if things get a little out of hand, all FETMods have the community and support team to rely on for extra support.


FETMods welcome newbies by sending an automatic welcome message that provides kinksters with a contact from the very start. FETMods are moderators first and foremost. If you have any technical issues, please contact the Support Centre in the first instance.

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