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What are the FETMod benefits?

Wanna know more about becoming a FETMod? Here's what you get.

## Free VIP upgrade

All FETMods get a free VIP upgrade, which gives you full and unrestricted access to the FET experience.

## Flexible hours from anywhere

FETMods help out by being active for at least 5 hours each week. You choose when you're online; however, the busiest times tend to be in the evenings and at weekends.

## Full training and support

To help you get the most out of being a FETMod, you'll receive online induction and training by a Community Manager. You'll also receive admin rights related to the areas you'll be working on (e.g., chat, forum, etc.)

## Help shape your BDSM community

Being a FETMod gives you the chance to shape and improve the FET community experience. You'll be included in all the latest community news, attend regular meetings with other FETMods, hear about the newest product updates, and have special access to channels to provide feedback.

## Be part of a #kinktastic team

Join a collective online group with other FETMods to communicate directly with Community Managers and Support.

## Wanna become a FETMod?

You need to be an active FET user first and uphold our values. To apply, send a short message to Support or one of our Community Managers, telling us why kink is important to you and why you think you'll make a great FETMod; then we'll be in touch!

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