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What are 'Icebreaker Messages'?

Icebreaker messages are all first contact messages you send to someone you have not already talked to via direct messages. Those who are a little shy can use the pre-written messages as a quick and easy way to get a kinkster's attention. It's worth noting that there are limits to the amount of icebreakers you can send. This is to avoid spamming. There is no way to buy more icebreakers, however free or Premium users have the option to upgrade their memberships to a VIP subscription to get more.

These limits are:

Free users
10 Daily  
100 Monthly

25 Daily
300 Monthly

50 Daily
500 Monthly

Please note that the icebreakers do not automatically reset on the first of each month. They reset in a staggered manner starting from the day you send the first icebreaker. E.g. If on January 1st you send your first 10 icebreakers, 30 days later the tracker adds 10 back, and so on. 

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